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Willkommen bei Sicking Industrial Marketing ::  Oil & Gas Financial Journal  ::  PennWell Petroleum Division

2015 Media Kit

The mission of OGFJ is to provide petroleum industry managers, analysts and investors credible information about the most important financial developments of oil exploration, oil and gas investing, international and regional oil and gas information and more.

OGFJ brings to the worlds of petroleum finance and investment the type of authoritative coverage that Oil & Gas Journal gives to industry operations and technology


Das Oil & Gas Financial Journal erscheint  monatlich in einer weltweit verbreiteten Auflage von über 14.500 Exemplaren ... für die Topleute in der internationalen Öl & Gas Energie-Industrie ... für die 'oil & gas investment community' ... Petroleum Investment Analysten ... Mitglieder der amerikanischen NAPIA ... für individuelle und institutionelle Anleger ... kurz: für Öl-, Gas- und Energie-Professionals, die finanzielle Entscheidungen über die großen, internationalen Projekte vorbereiten und treffen.


The Oil & Gas Financial Journal is THE magazine for senior executives and professionals who make money decisions for and about the petroleum industry. Produced by the publisher of the renowned and respected Oil & Gas Journal, the premier publication covering the oil and gas industry since 1902, OGFJ targets top-level executives in the energy industry and the related financial community that serves them.

Oil & Gas Financial Journal provides advertisers with access to E&P executives throughout the industry, to include the majors, large independents, and super independents. We reach the whole market — including the large number of small and mid-cap companies that significantly impact energy industry economics. 

Why YOU should advertise in the Oil & Gas Financial Journal?.

E&P firms should advertise to assist in their marketing initiatives to improve shareholder value and for the best analyst coverage. Your marketing campaign is not complete without the Oil & Gas Financial Journal to encompass your financial presentations and target other E&P firms or service & supply companies.

Capital Providers should advertise in the Oil & Gas Financial Journal to show strength in uncertain markets and in some cases, liquidity to E&P firms who are looking to raise capital and actively looking for advice on M&A activity, new strategies and opportunities to better run their business.

Our mission is straightforward: provide petroleum industry executives, analysts and investors with credible useful information about the most important financial developments in their business, with no distractions.